Custom Made Cut and Sewn Embossed Sweater, on the specification of the customer with any kind of Custom Printing, Embossing or Embroidery Option, with your Logo, Brand and Design. 

Approximate Weight: 320 gms / 11 ozs


These sweatshirts are classic, practical, fun and good-looking. Perfect for winter months. This yarn's thickness is made up of three layers or strands, adding the most durability and weight. 

Embossed Heavyweight Hoodie

  • XS-8XL*


    *Additional Fee for sizes 2XL-8XL:

    2XL add 10%

    3XL add 20%

    4XL add 30%

    5XL add 40%

    6XL add 50%

    7XL add 60%

    8XL add 70%

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