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Hello everyone, thank you for checking out our FIRST blog post. 🤗

Was going to start here, giving you a little background on our company and how Let's Support got started!

So here we go!

Everyone always asks us, what does your name mean? What are you supporting??

Well...Let's Support was established in San Diego, California in 2017. Our name Let's Support came about because we began manufacturing custom soccer scarves, (like the ones below)

We wanted to support the teams we were producing these scarves for, so what better name than Let's Support your teams your fans and you! Thats how it all started, then soon after our success with soccer scarves, we started producing socks, beanies, keychains, patches, woven labels, and wristbands. After that our business kept growing and a little over a year ago we brought our embossed apparel into the mix. We were able to provide all these new products to our clients due to the fact that we own our factory in Istanbul, Turkey. Yes TURKEY, and the owner of Let's Support and his factory have been manufacturing textiles for over 20 years, so we definitely know what we are talking about when it comes to textiles and only made sense to expand our product line.

Fast forward to today, Our main office is still located right in the heart of Downtown San Diego, California. We have our sales and marketing team there (meet our team below) and still source and manufacture all our products in our factory in Istanbul, Turkey. (check out the behind the scenes video at our factory below)

Thats pretty much the background on Let's Support. Hope you enjoyed this story on our company and company name.

Thanks for tuning in!

Sabrina 😊

Meet our Team:

Celil the Director of Sales: Is from Istanbul Turkey, he moved to San Diego in 2017, and he loves it here. Thats when he founded and started Let's Support. Vital to the growth and success of our company (what can we say he is pretty awesome and brings humor and fun to every occasion). He enjoys any activity that has to do with the beach and water, you will find him at Mission Beach almost every weekend.

Sabrina the Director of Marketing: Born and raised in sunny San Diego, studied marketing at the University of San Diego. She enjoys spending time at the beach as well (who doesn't like the beach when you live in San Diego 🤷🏻‍♀), doing yoga and learning about astrology.

Rheana the Sales Representative: Born and raised in Guam! She studied marketing and graphic design, so brings a lots of creativity into all aspects of her life ( especially when it comes to mock up designs). She just moved to San Diego last year, another beach lover, well she did live on an island all her life. Also Total foodie and beer connoisseur.

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